Olla Elementary School

Handbook Information


1. Students should remain in designated areas.
2. Profane language will not be tolerated anywhere.
3. Soft drinks are not allowed.
4. Paper and wrappings should be put in the trash cans provided.
5. Noisemakers or fireworks may not be brought to school.                                                             
6. No gum is allowed at school.
7. Students should use the restroom at the beginning of recess and report directly to the classroom at the end of recess. Any exceptions are given only with a note from a parent.
8. Fighting, even play fighting is not allowed. Instigators and participants in fights will be punished.
9. Students are not to bring toys, radios, electronic games, fireworks, knives, tobacco, alcohol or other dangerous substances to school.
10. Glass items are not allowed on buses or at school.
11. Toys, caps, etc. brought to school may be picked up by the parent from the principal. The school will dispose of any items not claimed after one week.


Each child is expected to follow the rules established by each classroom teacher. In addition to these and those listed under Campus Conduct, the students will also be expected to abide by The LaSalle Parish Code of Conduct. A copy of this code is located in the LaSalle Parish Handbook and a copy is maintained at the school office. We further expect students to remain honest, follow the directions of any teacher or staff member, and show respect for fellow students, staff members, and themselves.
The school reserves the right to inspect lockers, desks, and storage areas for health or safety purposes. Olla Elementary is a drug-free learning environment; therefore, LaSalle Parish Policy concerning alcohol and drug use will be strictly enforced.  (See LaSalle Parish Handbook)
The discipline plan for Olla Elementary School is as follows.




The following are general guidelines for administering discipline. They may or may not apply to every situation that occurs in the school setting; they may not apply to more serious offenses. All decisions regarding discipline in and out of the classroom are at the discretion of the administration. A copy of the Corporal Punishment Policy is located in the appendix of this document. Appendix A


1st offense --------- Name on board
2ndoffense --------- Lose one recess
3rd offense --------- Lose two recesses
4th offense --------- Student calls parent/with teacher
5th offense --------- Referral to Principal’s Office


1st visit ---------- 1 day in-house suspension
2ndvisit ---------- 2 days in-house suspension
3rd visit ---------- Out of school suspension
Regretfully, there are occasions when suspension or expulsion becomes necessary to maintain a proper learning environment. The following guidelines from Bulletin 741 will be followed during these times.

Reasons for Suspensions

A. School principals may suspend from school any student, including an exceptional student, for good cause in accordance with state law and local policy.
B. Students determined to be guilty of the following offenses may be suspended for the following reasons:
1. willful disobedience;
2. disrespect to a teacher, principal, superintendent, and/or member or employee of the local school board;
3. making an unfounded charge against a teacher, principal, superintendent, and/or member or employee of the local school board;
4. using unchaste or profane language;
5. immoral or vicious practices;
6. conduct or habits injurious to his/her associates;
7. using tobacco and/or using and possessing alcoholic beverages or any controlled dangerous substances governed by the Uniformed Controlled Dangerous Substance Law in any form in school buildings or on school grounds;
8. disturbing the school and habitually violating the rules;
9. cutting, defacing, or injuring any part of public school buildings;
10. writing profane or obscene language or drawing obscene pictures in or on any public school premises, or on any fence, sidewalk, or building on the way to or from school;
11. possessing firearms, knives, or other implements that can be used as weapons;
12. throwing missiles on the school grounds;
13. instigating or participating in fights while under school supervision;
14. violating traffic and safety regulations;
15. leaving the school premises without permission or his/her classroom or detention room without permission;
16. habitual tardiness or absenteeism; and
17. committing any other serious offense.

Reasons for Expulsions

A. Students may be expelled for any of the following reasons:
1. any student, after being suspended for committing any of the offenses listed in §1103, may be expelled upon recommendation by the principal of the public school in which the student is enrolled;
2. any student, after being suspended on three occasions for committing any of the offenses listed in §1303 during the same school session, shall, on committing the fourth offense, be expelled from all the public schools of the parish or city school system wherein he or she resides until the beginning of the next regular school year, subject to the review and approval of the local educational governing authority;
3. the conviction of any student of a felony or the incarceration of any student in a juvenile institution for an act which, had it been committed by an adult, would have
constituted a felony, may be cause for expulsion of the student for a period of time as determined by the board; such expulsions shall require the vote of two thirds of the elected members of the local educational governing authority;
4. any student found guilty of being in possession of a firearm on school property or on a school bus or at a school sponsored event shall be expelled from school according to the requirements of R.S. 17:416(C)(2);
5. any student found guilty of being in possession of any illegal narcotic, drug, or other controlled substance on school property, on a school bus, or at a school event shall be expelled from school according to the requirements of R.S. 17:416(C)(2).


Kindergarten grades will be posted on a 9-week basis. The following system will be used:
S = Satisfactory                  
N = Needs improving        
U = Unsatisfactory
In Grades 1-12, all Six- and Nine-Week grades will be awarded on the following numerical system:
94-100 = A---4 quality points
87-93   = B---3 quality points
78-86   = C---2 quality points
70-77   = D---1 quality point
Test papers will be graded and returned to the student no later than 5 teaching days after testing is complete.
In order to be promoted to First Grade, Kindergarten students must attain 80% mastery of the critical skills. If the standard is not met, each case will be considered by the School Building Level Committee.
In order to be promoted to the succeeding grade, students in Grades 4 and 8 will be required to attain State Department of Education designated scaled scores on Language Arts and Math portions of the LEAP.  Students who are not administered a state CRT will have demonstrated and documented evidences that proficiency in grade-appropriate skills are attained as defined by State Curriculum Guides.
No 4th or 8th Grade student will be promoted if he or she scores unsatisfactory on the English Language Arts or Mathematics components of the LEAP.
Summer school and end-of-summer retest must be offered by school systems at no cost to all students who score at the “Unsatisfactory” level.
Students in Grades 1-3 must maintain a D average in both Math and Reading to be eligible for promotion. If the standard is not met, the case will be reviewed by the School Building Level Committee.
Students in Grades 4-6 must maintain a D average in Mathematics and Reading. The student may not attain more than one F in the remaining subjects to be considered for promotion. All grade averages will be rounded at .6.
Any other questions or concerns about promotion and retention can be addressed to the individual teacher and/or administration.  A complete copy of the LaSalle Parish Pupil Progression Plan is kept on file in the school office as well as the LaSalle Parish School Board Office.


Report cards are issued at the end of each six weeks. Questions about grades should be addressed in a conference with the student’s teacher.  Final reports are mailed to the student.  Any student that has a lost or damaged book, overdue lunch fees, or lost/damaged library books will not receive their report card.  Upon correction of the deficiencies, students may secure their report card from the school office.


Homework assignments are the discretion of each individual teacher. When assignments are made, they will be to preview an upcoming lesson, to practice or to review a skill already taught. Students should be encouraged to complete assignments on their own and turn them in on time.  It is the responsibility of the student to get assignments after an absence.


The policy of the LaSalle Parish School System is that a student must make all A’s and B’s to be placed on the Honor Roll.


On Tuesday of each week, teachers will send a Blue Folder home.  This folder contains the previous week’s work and a colored Sign-and-Return Card.  Note the number of papers to verify that you see all the teacher sent, sign the colored card, and send the folder back to school with your child on Wednesday morning. Keep the paper to review with your child. This card will also be used as the Mid-Six Weeks Progress Report.


Students will be allowed to use the Internet under supervised situations. All students must have a completed Internet Usage Sheet (found in the packet at the end of the handbook) on file at the school before they will be allowed access to the Internet at school.


Students are not allowed to make or receive phone calls unless authorized by the teacher or principal.


One of the top priorities for Olla Elementary is a safe environment for learning. Visitors, including parents, who come to the school should report to the Front Office. The visitor will receive a pass and arrangements will be made concerning the visit.  Each teacher has a conference time, and visitors will be allowed to see teachers only during the designated time. Student visitors are not permitted.


See LaSalle Parish Handbook.


Olla Elementary School does offer concessions for students. The concession choices are 50¢ per item.  No concessions will be sold prior to lunchtime.


Members of the faculty encourage and appreciate the interest of parents in their child’s school performance and activities. The parish has provided parent conference days at the end of the First and Fourth Six Weeks; however, parents are encouraged to consult frequently with their child's teacher about school work and activities.  To schedule a conference with your child’s teacher, it is necessary to call the main office (495-5163).  The secretary will secure a time for you to meet with the teacher, as conferences must be held during individual conference time--not during instructional time.  Parents may also request a conference by sending a note directly to the teacher. The teacher will then contact the parent to set a conference time.     


Student information sheets are required for all students. This sheet is located in the parent packet at the end of the handbook. The information provides the school with critical information on each student. Emergency numbers, physician’s name, and other pertinent information is essential for any type of emergency that may occur at school.  It is the parent’s responsibility to update these sheets by contacting the school if any of the information changes within the year. The school is not responsible for expenses incurred in providing emergency help, such as ambulance fees.


Field trips are planned by the teacher. The trips are then approved by or denied by the principal and appropriate central office personnel. Two parents may be allowed to attend the class represented if requested by the teachers.  Students must be present at the beginning of school on the day of the field trip in order to count as present; if not, the student will be counted as absent. Transportation for field trips will be arranged by the school. Students are required to ride the arranged form of transportation.

HEAD LICE (Pediculosis)

Early signs and symptoms of lice infestation is irritation and itching of the scalp.  Lice are light gray insects which lay eggs or “nits” on the hair, especially at the nape of the neck and about the ears. The incubation period is one week.  New lice start laying eggs about two weeks later.  Lice remain alive on the person until eggs on the hair and clothing have disappeared.   Comprehensive health checks are done monthly, and more often if requested by the principal.

LaSalle Parish – Lice Screening Policy

A.   Any student found to have positive evidence of head lice or nits (eggs) shall be excluded from school.
B.   The student will be excluded from school until he/she has been effectively treated and all nits (eggs) are removed from the hair.
C.   Adequate treatment and removal of all nits (eggs) can be achieved in 3-7 days.  Your child will be considered unexcused from school.  Any unexcused absence may be referred to the Truant Officer.
D.   All students must be accompanied by his/her parent or guardian or responsible party to school and bring a permission slip to be signed for re-entry to school.
E.   The signed permission slip may be obtained by being re-checked after proper treatment by the school nurse, school principal, or designated school personnel (who have been instructed by the school nurse).
F.    Initial screening for lice at each school shall be designated by the school nurse or school principal as they deem necessary.
G.   Screening may be done by the school nurse, by the principal, or by designated school personnel who have been taught the proper screening procedures by the school nurse.